The ever strenuous equation between producers and directors

The relationship between a director and a producer is the most important one, as their relationship would be the foundation to the final outcome of any film. Of course, the relationship between an actor and a director is also equally, or more important, but if things between a producer and a director aren’t all that well, then the film wouldn’t take off in the first place.

Many directors have been introduced in the industry by certain producers, and usually, these directors stick it out with these producers till the end. However, if things go otherwise, situations could get very complicated. This is what is happening with producer Dil Raju and director Venu Sriram, who collaborated together for three films. Venu made his directorial debut under Dil Raju’s production, with Oh My Friend. His second film, MCA, was also produced by Dil Raju. Their third collaboration was Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s comeback film Vakeel Saab, which turned out to be a blockbuster at the box office.

Post the tremendous success of Vakeel Saab, Venu Sriram is learned to have opted to move out of Dil Raju’s camp, as he was getting better offers from other production houses. While this looked like a good idea initially, this has now landed Venu in great trouble, as the director announced Allu Arjun’s Icon under Dil Raju’s production, nearly three years ago. With Icon now back on track, it is now to be seen whether Venu and Raju will patch things up, or what will happen.

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