The curious case of senior actors and remakes

The younger and contemporary generation of Tollywood actors is making the Telugu film industry proud by doing intriguing films with fresh concepts. Almost every star hero in the industry is currently busy with a pan-Indian project, and the entire country is looking towards Tollywood right now, given its wide range of films.

On the other hand, the actors belonging to the senior generation are looking towards doing remakes from other languages, attracting a lot of unnecessary negative attention towards them. Given that OTT platforms are now offering every single film – no matter what language it is – with English subtitles, the purpose and use of remakes has been nullified.

At a time like, even actors like Megastar Chiranjeevi doing remakes, is drawing a lot of flak. Chiranjeevi is currently about to star in two remakes – Lucifer (Malayalam) and Vedhalam (Tamil). The music settings for Lucifer remake have already begun with Thaman, and the film is going to be directed by Tamil director Mohan Raja. While Chiranjeevi is about to star in two remakes, Venkatesh is done with two remakes – Narappa and Drushyam 2, both of which are expected to be released on OTT platforms.

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