Tharun Bhascker quits social media

Tharun Bhascker was quite upset with the way critics and reviewers received his latest installment, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi. Many wrote that the movie making was good but the writing in the movie was not on par with his previous break out hit film, Pelli Choopulu. Tharun Bhascker took it as an offensive take on his film.

He called all the critics and reviewers as amateurish people who don’t know how to review a film. He asked many to come and review a film after doing an appreciation course. This brought-in a major backlash towards him on social media. Film’s first weekend is still not over but the young director decided to not be on social media, anymore.

He quit the social networking sites and did not give any timeline to return. Most people on social media took offense to his comments and trolled him by calling him names. Well, the director decided that he doesn’t need such negativity in his life. He did use social media effectively and review opinions too effectively when they praised Pelli Choopulu. This time, they just warned him about few lazy aspects in the movie while not dismissing it as a bad film. Still, the director seems to be highly upset with all that has happened in the span of 46 hours.