Thank You makers go back on tickets promise

At the pre-release event of Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming film, Thank You, producer Dil Raju very famously promised to make sure that the audiences could watch the film in theatres by paying a reasonable amount for the tickets. This generated quite the buzz, but with the producers now going back on their word, the film seems to be in trouble.

The makers promised to sell Thank you tickets for Rs. 150 in multiplexes and Rs. 100 in single screens, excluding GST. However, the ticket prices are now hiked for Thank You in the Nizam region. The advance sales opened for Rs. 250 in multiplexes and Rs. 175 in single screens, excluding GST, while the recliners are sold for Rs 350.

These prices are in no way reasonable or in the line of what had been promised. As such, if the ticket prices are not reduced, it is safe to say that Thank You will face the same fate as most movies released recently, where every movie turned out to be a commercial disaster due to the steep decrease in the footfalls.

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