Thank You Brother Movie Review

Considering the ongoing Covid-19 situations, Anasuya and young actor Viraj Ashwin’s emotional thriller, ‘Thank You Brother’ skipped its theatrical release and opted for a direct OTT release. The film was premiered on the noted streaming platform Aha last night.

Story: Story-wise the film revolves around two unknown persons, who struck is a building elevator. While one of them is pregnant women Priya ( Anasuya), the other one is a young guy Abhi( Viraj Ashwin). What kind of realistic situations happen between both of them in the elevator form the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Performance-wise, while Anasuya is convincing in the given pregnant lady character, Viraj is good in the given role as a conceited guy.

The emotional climax portions are executed in an authentic manner where the main USP of the film will be summarized with some beautiful writing.

Analysis: As per the initial talk among the netizens, though the film has strong and emotional content, director Ramesh Raparthi failed to execute the proceedings in a gripping way.

Adding to it, the uneven screenplay and back to back flashback portions in the narration part divert the attention of the viewers.

As most of the film runs between the conversation and flashback episode related to Anasuya and Viraj, the viewers may feel bored after a point in it.

Amid the above-mentioned weak points, the positive side of the film is the production values and the cinematography by Suresh.

Considering the initial mixed talk among Aha subscribers, it needs to be seen to which extend will this 100 minutes film will be received by viewers in the coming days.

Verdict: Execution syndrome

Rating: 2.5/5