TFI not happy with RRR’s postponement?

Rajamouli’s film RRR has been one of the most anticipated films in Tollywood since its announcement and has also been one of the most anticipated films in India, thanks to the success of the Baahubali franchise, directed by Rajamouli. However, the film has also been postponed and delayed several times, due to various reasons apart from the coronavirus pandemic.

Just when everyone thought that film is finally getting released, on January 7th, the film’s release has once again been pushed, due to the spreading of the omicron variant of the coronavirus pandemic. RRR was the last film whose release date was announced for Sankranthi, which resulted in the postponement of other big films that announced their release for Sankranthi.

Now, with RRR not releasing, and the next potential release date is expected to be in the Summer, several people from Tollywood are said to be highly upset, as RRR would once again threaten the release of those films, confusing everything once again. It is now being said that things are not going to be easy the next time around for RRR’s release, as the same kind of cooperation is not expected from everyone.

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