TFCC releases an official press note on current circumstances

The response to Pawan Kalyan’s speech on the YSRCP government’s decision on how to sell cinema tickets, has had a confusing reception within Tollywood itself, with some standing by the actor, while some have decided to stay silent, and some deciding to go in the opposite direction of Pawan’s speech, but in a very diplomatic manner.

Almost as if they speak for the last category, a very diplomatic, and docile letter has been released by the TFCC today, stating that they stand by no individual’s opinions on the matter of the AP government’s decision to book cinema tickets online, through a government portal. The TFCC also appealed to both the Telugu state governments to cooperate with and understand the hardships that the Telugu film industry is currently facing.

The TFCC also stated that it is the apex governing body of the film industry in both the states, and that its opinions have not been spoken by anyone and that any opinions of any individuals are not its opinions. The TFCC requested the governments of the Telugu states to come forward and protect Telugu cinema, during its worst period, just the way the industry has always stepped forward to help the governments whenever necessary.

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