Tense faces in Love Story, Tuck Jagadish camps

The rise of COVID positive cases in India is a worrying factor now. Cinema Industry which has started to recover after the devastating 2020 is facing all the difficulties with the current situation. Maharashtra’s government has decided to shut down all the theaters in the state until April 30th. Karnataka government has restricted 50 percent occupancy for the theaters.

In the Telugu States, the situation is not so alarming. However, the positive cases are rising gradually. Though the two states’ governments have clarified that they have no thoughts of imposing lockdown, they might not have any choice if the cases increase like before.

That’s where Love Story and Tuck Jagadish camps are worried. Vakeel Saab which is releasing on April 9th will have a smooth release and it will not have any danger. If the two states governments’ have decided to restrict theaters occupancy then it is going to be very tough for these two movies which are currently promoting their flicks quite aggressively.

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