Tenali Rama Krishna BA BL

Tenali Rama Krishna is Sundeep Kishan’s new film post the success of Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene. The film has made its way to the theaters today. Read on to see how it turns out to be.

Story: Tenali played by Sundeep Kishan is a rookie lawyer who is not serious about his career. But he gets entangled in a case which is being fought by famous lawyer played by Murali Sharma. This case is being fought for Vara Lakshmi, a rich industrialist. Things become serious when Tenali comes to know that Vara Lakshmi is in danger and he decides to support her. How will he do that and take on a big lawyer and goons forms the rest of the story?

Performances: Sundeep Kishan is very good in his role. He evokes good comedy, he is very good at fights and has a neat screen presence. Murali Sharma is neat in his negative role. Vara Lakshmi is getting repetitive time and again with each film. Saptagiri makes a solid comeback. Prabhas Sreenu is loud. Posani is hilarious in his limited role. Hansika is gorgeous and is superb in her role. Raghu Babu overacted a lot.


Sundeep Kishan
Comedy scenes
Twists in First half


Old Story
Dull narration
Lack of seriousness
Abrupt climax

Analysis: The film has the trappings of Jolly LLB as a small-time lawyer who takes on a powerful and senior lawyer. All this is established so well in the film. The love track between Hansika and Sundeep is also etched well.

Songs are very good and there is not much boredom in the proceedings in the first half. Saptagiri and Posani’s kidnap episode is hilarious making the film look good. The film comes to a breakpoint quite effectively and the second half also starts with another major twist.

When you think the movie has become serious now and will be nail-biting, director Nageswara Reddy dilutes the plot and brings some over the top scenes. Some key witnesses are made fool off and Vara Lakshmi’s character becomes a spectator. The climax is also ended in a jiffy disappointing the audience.

The film is for the target audience who love oud comedies. So, watch it with that aspect as the film has nothing but a few laughs here and there.

Rating: 1.5/5

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