Telangana government gives permanent permission for 5 shows

While the Telugu film industry has been facing a few hiccups with the Andhra Pradesh government in recent times, the Telangana government has been very supportive of the industry and continues to be so. The government not once rejected any requests that the industry made, always standing by the industry.

The government has been granting permission for five shows for every film that has requested it so far and released a new GO, which states that no special permissions have to be taken hereon, for five shows, and that a film can go ahead with five shows, anytime in between 8 AM and 1 AM. On the other hand, the Telangana government has also been forthcoming in recent times, agreeing to increase the ticket prices in the state, to make up for the losses incurred in AP, due to the decreased ticket prices.

The Telangana government has also never opposed or rejected any requests for special shows either, having already granted premieres for Rajamouli’s RRR from March 24th itself.

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