Telangana film distributors get a positive response from the cinematography minister

It is well-known that after the Covid second wave crisis, the theatres across Telangana are running with 100% occupancy. Recently, the government has even given permission for collecting parking charges at single screens.

Meanwhile, yesterday, a group of Telangana distributors met the state cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and had a meeting for hours and discussed various issues and the problems caused to the exhibitors and distributors after the Covid-19. As per the reports, the distributors requested to implement five shows per day for single screens across the state to which the minister responded on a positive note. Along with the five shows implementation, Talasani also assured to keep the service charge for the government-run online ticket portal to be maximum of Rs 6 per ticket.

As per the electronic media reports, a discussion of the electricity wavier for single screens also came into the discussion to which Talasani promised to arrange a meeting with the state chief minister KCR.

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