Telangana exhibition industry heading to a crisis?

The Telangana government has been very liberal with the Telugu film industry, so much so that the government has never denied a single permission for ticket price hikes or more number of shows, or any such thing. The same thing is once again happening, with the Telangana government agreeing to further increase the ticket prices, for RRR, for a few days.

While this might be understandable, considering the budget of the film, the same cannot be said of the bloated ticket prices in the state. What the industry is losing out on in Andhra Pradesh, is being more than made up in Telangana. However, this is expected to result in a crisis for the Telangana exhibition industry, and thereby the producers of the industry, as the audience might not turn up to theatres in future if the prices are so huge.

A few films that were released in Telangana, after the ticket price hike, failed to make anything at the box office, which resulted in huge losses for the producers. As a result, it is now being said that the industry and the government should think about ticket price hikes before things get worse.

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