Telangana distributors apologise to hero Nani

On Friday, The Telangana Cinema Theaters Association members had a meeting in Hyderabad and discussed various issues. Prominently, they focused on Nani’s Tuck Jagadish which is aiming for an OTT release on September 10th on Amazon Prime Video.

As reputed distribution company Asian Cinemas, owned by Narayan Das Narang and his son Sunil Narang’s production venture, Love Story is also scheduled for the same September 10th release, Sunil along with all the exhibitors targetted hero Nani and used strong language on him. Meanwhile, apologizing to Nani, on Saturday, the Telangana exhibitors and distributors released a press note in the afternoon hours.

As per the inside reports, after realising that a few exhibitors crossed the line and made harsh comments targeting Nani, the association president Sunil has rectified the mistake with an open apology letter.
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