Telangana and AP governments’ stark contrast in ticket prices

It is no secret that the Andhra Pradesh government is the least bit bothered about the exhibition industry in the state, despite the devastating effects it has had to suffer due to the coronavirus pandemic. The AP government, regardless of the AP High Court’s orders cancelling GO No. 35, has told the concerned authorities that any theatre selling tickets at their own prices, apart from the prices set by the government, would be seized immediately.

On the other hand, the Telangana government has given permissions for 5 shows in a day, for Pushpa: The Rise, and has even given permissions for an increase in ticket fares, reintroduced parking fares and has even waived 50% off the current bills for theatres, so that the theatre owners can recuperate some of the losses they experienced.

As a result, the Telangana government and AP government are showing a stark contrast in the way they are dealing with the film industry, leading to the heavy trolling of the AP government, while the Telangana government is being hailed by everyone.

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