Teja Sajja taking a page out of Marvel’s book for HanuMan!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe and its many Superheroes redefined superhero films to the entire world. The culmination of more than one superhero in a single film, in the form of Avengers, gave rise to a new phenomenon, one that fans aren’t getting enough of. The MCU turned out to be one the most profitable franchises in the history of films, and everyone is now looking to recreate the same magic.

Tollywood is about to get its own cinematic universe, its very first one in fact, in the form of director Prashant Varma’s HanuMan, which has been launched officially today. Teja Sajja will be playing the titular role in the film, making the film the actor’s second collaboration with Prashant Varma after Zombie Reddy. From the launch pictures of HanuMan, it can be seen that the actor is preparing for the role already. We are all used to seeing completely beefed up actors for their superhero roles in Marvel movies, and Teja Sajja seems to be taking a page out of those actors’ books.

The actor seems to be bulking up, and sources say that he’s working hard with a trainer to put on the required muscle to look the part in HanuMan. Apart from Teja Sajja, the rest of the cast of HanuMan is yet to be announced. There’s already a good buzz around the film, and it will be interesting to see how Prashant Varma will bring HanuMan to life.

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