Tees Maar Khan Movie Review and Rating!

Hero Aadi Saikumar’s new film, Tees Maar Khan under the direction of Kalyanji Gogana had a theatrical release today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Being orphan Tees Maar Khan ( Aadi Saikumar) grows up under the protection of a girl Vasu( Poorna). As they grew up, the bonding between develops into thick relationship and Tees Maar Khan starts treating Poorna like a mother. Eventually, they grow up and Poorna ties the knot with Chakri( Sunil). As a random incident, TMK crosses paths with Jiga( Thakur Anoop Singh) later under mysterious circumstances Poorna will be found dead at home. To take revenge, TMK goes against Gija’s gang, in the process he finds out some hidden secrets behind Poorna’s death. Who is the main head behind Poorna’s death? How will Tees Maar Khan crack the entire network, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Looks-wise Aadi Saikumar is good and did a decent acting. His dialogue delivery is fine and tried to bring weightage to a couple of scenes with his screen presence. His dance movements in one song are impressive and did good job in action sequences.

Heroine Payal Rajput satisfies the youth audience with her skin show in one beach song. Other than that, she is nothing much to do in the film. Her equation with Aadi is also not showcased properly.

Poorna and Sunil are fine in their extended cameo roles as the family members of Tees Maar Khan. Thakur Anoop Singh and Kabir Singh are okay with their usual acting as baddies.

Actor Srikanth Iyengar gets a purposeful role and the actor did his part perfectly. Other supporting artists are convincing in their given roles.

Technicalities: The music work by Sai Karthik is apt for the film’s setup. His instrumention for songs are okay and tried to elevate a couple of scenes with his massy background score.

The photography work by Bal Reddy is good as he used good lighting setup for all the action sequences. Editing by Manikanth is fine.

The production design work is good and as is the case with the production values for this tight budget movie.

Analysis: Written and directed by Kalyanji Gogana, Tees Maar Khan has a social related issue as a main aspect but the director struggled to project it with solid proceedings. Though Kalyanji did decent job with the dialogues version, the outdated presentation dilutes the core concept of the film.

To summerize, Tees Maar Khan is a regular mass drama that has a couple of hero-oriented elevations. While Aadhi Saikumar did his part decently, the screenplay and routine template execution stand tall as demerits for the movie.

Verdict: Outdated execution!

Rating: 1.5/5