Teachers, We Can Never Forget

Telugu Cinema, saw many actors and actresses play the role of teachers and lecturers on screen. There are many whom we can remember even though there are many who became a joke for us. Let’s see some of the characters we can remember.

NTR (Badi Pantulu)NTRAs a teacher of Primary and Secondary school who becomes a principal but earns nothing but respect from his students, NTR lived in the character of a teacher in the film. Many scenes in the movie still stand the test of time for young viewers too.

Chiranjeevi (Master, Tagore)ChiranjeeviIn a complete commercial film with a commercial hero like Chiranjeevi can we imagine, him playing the role of a lecturer. He did that twice in Master and Tagore. While Tagore deviates from his profession, Master doesn’t. Still, both are highly rememberable.

Venkatesh (Sundarakanda)VenkateshIn Sundarakanda as a young lecturer who has to face a situation of his student falling in love with him, Venkatesh gave a remarkable performance and he made us all fall in love with this well-mannered teacher.

Sumanth (Golconda High School)SumanthSumanth played a crucial role as a teacher in the film Golconda High School. His belief and penchant to support a young team won our hearts.

Venkatesh (Guru)VenkateshVenkatesh in Guru is a completely different person from Sundarakanda. He is not likable but a person who has a highly troubled past and is highly rude to his students too. As the film progresses we see him being a softy too.

Rajeev Kanakala (Sye)Rajeev KanakalaAs sports coach and teacher, in the movie Sye, Rajeev Kanakala gave a memorable performance. His scene Do or Die, a monologue from the movie is still talked about.

Kamilini Mukherjee (Happy Days)Kamilini MukherjeeWe all do have a crush on our English lecturers as they look stylish and modern while speaking mistake free Grammatically correct English with accent. Kamilini Mukherjee nailed such a role in Happy Days.

MS Narayana (Pilla Zamindar)MS NarayanaMS Narayana is known for his drunkard roles and comedy lecturer roles. But in Pilla Zamindar he made us all respect Telugu lecturers and teachers with just one scene.

Rajendra Prasad ( Onamalu)Rajendra PrasadRajendra Prasad as a teacher in Onamalu gave one of his best performances as an actor. The movie is more about him and he carried it on his shoulders and even delivered the message right.