Tamannah was shocked about that film!

Not just filmmakers, everyone of us have high hopes on our projects. For IT employees, the results come in bonuses, hikes, year-end appraisals and opportunities to land themselves on site at USA, UK or some other countries. For filmmakers, everything depends on a Friday and even they have worked on it for years and dreamed about it for decades, all boils down to one day. Will it be etched in the history or will it be a day of thrashing for them? Only time can tell. But everyone still keeps high hopes on their work and never do they doubt about it not being watched at theatres or on VOD or on OTT platforms. Even if a film fails, they hope to see someone talking about positively after an year, at least.

For Tamannah, the day which she dreamed would be her big launch into the Bollywood, ended up being a day that she had to forget in a jiffy and move on. Himmatwala, her debut film in Hindi as a lead got thrashed so heavily and also, the movie opened a chain reaction in her career, as she had to adhere to more flops than hits until, Baahubali in 2015. The actress talked about the film in an interview and said that she was shocked to see such thrashing of the film as she hoped the film would be a big success with Sajid Khan – the hit director and Ajay Devgn – an established star coming together with the remake of a movie that became a huge success. Well, she said that her other projects helped her to recover soon and move on.

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