Tamannah says she cannot speak in her mother tongue fluently!

Tamannah Bhatia at an young age came into the Film Industry and kept herself busy with films in Telugu, Tamil and has been occasionally doing Hindi, films. She has been spending her lockdown time with her family and she said that she never got to spend so many days with her family, in recent years. Hence, she is trying to learn Sindhi from her mother as she can speak in Telugu, Tamil more fluently. Her mother is a highly spiritual person and she is also turning to spiritual side to keep herself sane during these insanity inducing times, it seems.

She also said that she is reading sculptures with her mother and trying to learn more about spiritual side of life without having to worry about the speed she can read them, as her mother is master at that. She will join two films in Tamil after lockdown and has two films in Telugu and one in Hindi. She may look at web-series too in coming few months.

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