Tamannaah echoes audiences’ take on stardom

It is no secret that the definition of stardom has changed rapidly in the last couple of years, and continues to change with every passing year. We used to have bonafide Superstars until a few years ago, but right now, content is supreme, and actors are not defined by their stardom, but by the kind of films and roles they are associated with. Audiences today are more concerned with the quality of content that they are being provided with, than with the stardom of an actor, as content is now driving audiences to watch something and not star power.

Echoing this sentiment, Tamannaah Bhatia, who has ventured into the digital space, said that the way an actor was able to amass a huge fan following around 10 years ago would be impossible o achieve today, with the way cinema viewing is changing rapidly, due to the pandemic and several other reasons. She said that audiences are more interested in quality content and are liking content, and not watching something for the actors that are involved in it.

Tamannaah has two digital releases this year, “The 11th Hour” and “November Story”. She said that she is concentrating on both digital opportunities and big-screen opportunities as well, and is not limiting herself to any one platform.

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