Sushanth’s death prompts Poonam to attack a big director

These are the serious of tweets that Poonam Kaur Lal tweeted, on 17th June, attacking a big director, “Guruji”. Here you can read them all, before we provide you with the context.”my friend approached a director not once but twice ..thrice saying Poonam is unwell she is completely not ok …. can we do some thing about this situation …..and there are delaying techniques by the director…then I asked …what do we do now I feel absolutely sick n sad …

i Again asked him can we resolve this situation …can I talk ….I feel sick n suicidal …..
director says ( emi zargadu ….. nuvvu chachipotey one day news untavu ) …this one sentence n his escaping approach made me feel so shitty about myself that …#heartless #painful

Media is controlled by him ,movie mafia is controlled by him , advertisements are controlled by him,the way he communicated to me thru indirect articles online made me feel more sick thru my depression …unnecessary articles putting me down ..I gave one reply n that was direct . journey with this man saying ‘’Madiya ratri kuda problem untey nenu vasTanu ….to nuvvu chachipotey one day news untavu ‘’ seriously? Why I was unwell,m still not ok you remove my name movie casting list u remove my pics from audio function,seriously? Those words resound!

Speaking about Savitiri Garu on the stage n never ever promoting a local talent … rather stopping some one from doing that coz u think it’s not right after the girl was declared beautiful by ipl …u know minister sons n big families so what ? I think u r sick n manipulative .. And for a fact I never approached him for anything other than resolving an issue,his delaying n manipulative techniques ,misusing the power given by ministers n friends … casting only ur muses..doing nothing but bhajana … u want to silently ban me it’s fine but u r no #guruji

U have done thing but manipulated your friends life for your benefit … i don’t think anyone has benefitted out of his life like u did …. ur manipulative …ur sick …. #guruji

U stopped ur friend from getting back to his very loving wife … who she could have died for n the star gets abused today why coz of u coming in between them..children suffered,he suffered ,he still suffers … why did u do this …are u places to kill him like slow poison ? A very humble n gentle approach of resolving issue was responded with deaf ear … I was shocked n I am not still out of shocks given to me for nothing I have done … m startled with what happend with #SushantSinghRajput i don’t want to end up like him … Still under thearapy !”

Well, you have read them all, right. Even if you did not – the gist is that Poonam Kaur is accusing “Guruji” – a big director from TFI, (you can assume the name), saying that he stopped his actor friend from going back to his wife. She accused him of being highly manipulative and killing his friend’s reputation and his character like a slow poison. She also accused him that he did not encourage her at all, even when she said that she was going through a worst phase in her life.

Also, she told that he is misusing his power that he acquired due to his close relations with politicians and actor friends. She said that when she approached for a truce, he did not respond and casted only his muses in his films. As always, we can expect “Guruji” to not respond to these allegations. But Poonam did get courage to say these things out loud after Sushanth’s sudden demise or did she decided to use the situation to put her pain in front of the world? We don’t know, but these are some serious allegations.

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