Surprisingly, better trailer from RGV!

Ram Gopal Varma has turned his production house into a mass producer of films, which is a good thing but the quality of the films has been callous. We can say that he disregarded any kind of need to give quality product to his viewers. While he wants people to take his name seriously and talk about him, as he readily appears in media shows and TV debates, interviews, his disregard for quality did not appeal to viewers and even his supporters.

At times, by chance a film from him or from his production house could turn out better than others and that seems to be the case with Murder, film based on Maruthi Rao who died recently. Maruthi Rao accepted fully responsibility for killing the husband of his daughter, Pranay, due to the differences in their caste statuses. Ram Gopal Varma announced the film few days ago with Srikanth Iyengar, Sahithi as the main leads. Now the team released a trailer to promote the film. Surprisingly, it looks better than many recent RGV films. Movie is written and directed by Anand Chandra and it is produced by Natti Kranthi & Natti Karuna. Release date of the film will be announced by makers, soon.