Suriya’s ET to effect heavily due to Radhe Shyam

For the upcoming weekend, two films such as Suriya’s ET and Prabhas’ Radhe Shyam are slated to hit the screens on March 10th and 11th respectively. While ET is a dubbing film, Radhe Shyam is a pan-India movie.

Meanwhile, the latest news is that due to the release of Radhe Shyam the theatre allocation for ET is going to be very less in twin Telugu states. Reportedly, in Hyderabad city, ET will be screened only in five single screens and in multiplexes as all other single screens are keen on running Radhe Shyam for the entire week. This comes as a shock to ET distributors and we have to see if the film gets any extra screens if it gets a good word of mouth on March 10th.

Asian Cinemas is releasing ET across twin Telugu states and Dil Raju has the theatrical distribution rights of Radhe Shyam for the entire Telangana.

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