Suresh Babu’s seemingly never ending dilemma

Producer Suresh Babu is known to be a safe player, never taking huge risks. This was the main reason he chose to release Venkatesh’s Narappa on OTT, rather than in theatres, as the theatre business was not as promising as it is right now. Suresh Babu was apprehensive about releasing Narappa in theatres due to the pandemic, and the public’s response to going back to theatres.

Narappa turned out to be a disappointment for everyone, with fans not liking the fact that the film was released directly on OTT, after being promised a theatrical release. On the other hand, the producer now has two films ready for release, Drushyam 2 and Virata Pravam. Both the films are ready for release, but the producer hasn’t yet taken a decision on the medium of their release.

While the initial plan was to give them a direct OTT release, given the fact that the theatres business is now doing quite well, the producer is said to be of the thought to release these films in the theatres directly, instead of on OTT. A decision is yet to be taken by Suresh Babu, and here’s hoping for the best.

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