Suresh Babu retracing his steps with Narappa?

Produer Suresh Babu received a lot of flak and criticism for his decision of opting for a direct OTT release dor Venkatesh’s upcoming film Narappa. Narappa is the Telugu remake of the Tamil film Asuran, starring Dhanush in the lead role. Narappa is directed by Srikanth Addala, and Priyamani stars alongside Venkatesh in the film.

Suresh Babu had earlier said that Narappa is a film that needs to be viewed on the big screen, and that he would definitely opt for a theatrical release for the film, and not an OTT release. However, the sudden change in his decision has drawn a lot of unnecessary criticisms towards him. It is now being said that Suresh Babu is reconsidering his decision, and is negotiating with the OTT platform representatives, about the theatrical release of Narappa.

Narappa deals with a sensitive subject like caste discrimination, and the fight that the protagonist puts up with, to change the circumstances around him. While negotiations between Suresh Babu and the concerned OTT platform are still going on, it is clear tha the severe backlash from audiences and the film community has made the producer retrace his steps. It is now to be seen when Narappa will be released in theatres.

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