Suresh Babu once again changes plan for Drushyam 2

Producer Suresh Babu is known to be someone who’s always playing it safe, after having analysed the market and the situations around. Such was the case when he decided to go ahead with a direct OTT release for Narappa, starring Venkatesh and Priyamani in the lead roles. While the film was originally supposed to release in theatres, the producer opted for the OTT route due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it still not being safe for movies to be released in theatres.

Situations between the release of Narappa and now have turned out to be highly positive, in comparison, and the producer too, accordingly, wanted to go with a theatrical release for Drushyam 2, but it is now being said that he’s having second thoughts. It was earlier said, at the time of Narappa’s release, that Drushyam 2 would also be released directly on OTT, on Disney Hotstar, but there’s been no further news on it, due to Suresh Babu wanting to opt for a theatrical release.

Given that the theatre business is now improving, the fact that a number of films are slated to release for Dussehra, and the tickets issue in Andhra Pradesh, the producer is once again said to be taking the safer route of releasing the film on OTT. Drushyam 2 features all the original cast, with the addition of new members, and is directed by Jeethu Joseph.

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