Suresh Babu attracts trolls with his decision

Producer Suresh Babu has produced several successful films throughout his career – including big and small films. His decisions and instincts with films rarely went wrong, with his films always turning out to be successful.

Suresh Babu has now become the target of trolls, though, with his decision to release Naarappa and Drushyam 2 on OTT platforms directly, without a theatrical release. Suresh Babu had earlier stated that there are no plans to release Naarappa on OTT platforms, as that’s a film that’s meant to be released in theatres only. With the producer having said that, Venkatesh’s fans are angry that the producer has opted for an OTT release for this film.

On the other hand, it is almost confirmed that Drushyam 2 has been sold to Hotstar, for a direct OTT release. With this, none of Venkatesh’s upcoming films will be released in theatres, the only hope that fans have remaining now is F3, which is yet to complete shooting. As a result, Suresh Babu has become the subject of trolls and agony or Venkatesh’s fans. It is now to be seen if the producer will or will not respond to this, and what will happen.

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