Surekha Vani reacts to linkup rumors in style

Surekha Vani is a popular Telugu actress. She has done various character roles in Telugu Cinema and has been quite active in social media as well. Though having a teenage daughter, Surekha Vani doesn’t look like so. The actress, unfortunately, has lost her husband last year and since then she has been living with her daughter. They both look to be coming out of the pain and have done a few shows together as well.

From the past few days, there have been quite a lot of rumors on Surekha Vani’s personal life. From time to time, the actress’s name gets linked to one or another. Surekha Vani who has been maintaining silence over these rumors has finally decided to give it back in style.

She said that “I don’t care them at all. Linking up with a male person who was seen beside me is stupidity. He might be my father, cousin, or someone else. They won’t affect me at all.”

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