Surekha Vani denies reports about the second marriage

Well-known character artist Surekha Vani is always in the news for one thing or the other. She is a popular social media user as well. Her husband has breathed his last a year back and the actress is living with her daughter Supriya. Her current goal is to make her daughter, Supriya, a heroine.

However, from the past few weeks, the second marriage rumors regarding the actress are making rounds. It is said that Surekha Vani is contemplating tying the knot again. It all started after singer Sunitha’s second marriage with Ram. The news portals published that Surekha Vani is following the same path.

The actress has denied the growing rumors. She said that she isn’t interested in a second marriage and her thoughts are completely different. “I have no plans as of such,” she said.

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