Superstar Rajni gives a great tribute to his “Guru”!

What does a teacher ask from you in return after helping you understand a lesson? Nothing but you being able to write it back in the exams and remember it for life, to be able to apply it in practical experience. Teacher or Guru, wants to see you grow infinitely and on a big stage, if you take their name or thank them, they feel like they have achieved maximum satisfaction in the world. Superstar Rajnikanth knows this very well than any of us.

He shows utmost respect towards his Guru – Sri K. Balachander, as the legendary writer-director, shaped his career in Tamil films in early days and later, produced some of his biggest hits like Annamalai, too. He never forgets him and his lessons in professional, personal lives. On the legend’s 90th birthday, in a special video, he stated that he owes his life to Balachander and can never repay him with anything. He said that the legend was like God to him and people working on his sets, as they always involuntarily showed great respect towards him. a

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