Sunil on the brink of a misstep?

Sunil is a comedian in the Telugu film industry whose work in the department is still very much relevant and revered to this day. He has been irreplaceable, with a lot of iconic roles and dialogues throughout his career. While it was interesting to see the actor transition into a leading man, the loss of him as an entertainer was heavy on everyone.

Sunil found success as the leading man initially, but soon, his films weren’t working that well at the box office. After repeated failures, the actor reverted to essaying comedic roles in films and even ventured into playing characters with negative shades and key characters in films, where he once again found success. At this juncture, it is being said that Sunil is once again gearing up to be the leading man in a movie.

While this might not mean that the actor would once again leave all of his other roles to just be the protagonist of his movie, but it still is raising a lot of eyebrows. Some are even of the opinion that this might be a misstep for the actor. It is now to be seen what will happen in the end.

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