Suma’s Humour is Legendary

Telugu TV personality Suma can have you in splits in no time. Now she is going all out cracking Oopiri-inspired jokes. There is a particular scene in the movie where Karthi’s character sells a movie to Nagarjuna and the scene is extremely humourous. Everyone who watched the movie in the theatre was rolling on the floor laughing after the scene and during it.Now Suma has decided to paint her way Oopiri style and aksed the Oopiri team to buy the painting such that she can afford a water tank! Of course all of it is in good humour.

In a special interview, before Ugadi, she had Nag laughing out aloud when she showed him her painting. By her jocular stunt she managed to hit two birds with one stone. Not only did she make people laugh but also threw some much needed light on a social cause — the water woes that city folks suffer every summer. Kudos Suma, way to go!