Sukumar says Pushpa’s climax was rawer initially

The much-awaited third film between Sukumar and Allu Arjun, after Arya and Arya 2, Pushpa: The Rise, released on December 17th, to heavy-handedly mixed responses from audiences and critics alike. The film forms the first part of the planned two parts and has only established the universe and characters that will be built upon more, in the second part.

Speaking to the media recently, Sukumar said that the initial version of the climax of the film was supposed to feature Fahadh and Bunny’s characters completely nude. Sukumar said that he scrapped the idea as he felt that it would be too far, and then decided to stick to the current version. On the other hand, a van scene featuring Bunny and Rashmika has received some major backlash from audiences, after which it has been removed from the theatrical version.

The second part of Pushpa, Pushpa: The Rule, is expected to begin filming from February or March 2022. The makers of the film said that the second part wouldn’t be rushed like the first part and that the mistakes made in the first part would be avoided for the second. The second part is scheduled to release in 2022.

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