Sujatha’s shocking revelation about Bigg Boss

Jordar Sujatha who was a participant in the reality show Bigg Boss has been recently evicted. Many have expected that Sujatha will be in the house for a couple of weeks more but she has been eliminated after getting a lesser number of votes than the other contestants.

Mainly the audiences didn’t like two aspects of Sujatha. The first one is her laugh which is quite weird actually. Many have thought her laugh is fake. The second one is she calling Nagarjuna as Bittu. The audience didn’t like it while the other contestants are calling Nagarjuna as Sir.

Sujatha in her latest interview has revealed that it was the Bigg Boss management who has suggested calling Nag as Bittu. “Before entering the house, they asked whether I like Nagarjuna Sir. I said yes and also told them that I liked his performance in Manam. Then they suggested calling Nag as Bittu. Even Nag sir liked that” revealed Sujatha.

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