Story within the Title!

Many movie makers try to come up with interesting stories and apt titles. They try to give out why they chose to put such title by creatively telling the story within the Title design. Let’s see some of those films from recent memory that shine with such creativity.

ShivaShivaWhen we talk about creative poster designs and creative title design, the first film that strikes us is Shiva. The cycle chain in the poster and Nag’s serious look integrated in the title, made it look different from all the films back then and remain to be most stricking designs till date.

KabaliKabaliRajnikanth’s Kabali is another best example how creatively you can design a title. In the words we can find Rajnikanth coming from daily labour stage to being the Mafia Don in Malaysia for the upliftment of local Tamilians. A strong and creative poster.

Manmadha BanamManmadha BanamThis Kamal Haasan starrer has not been a hit but it has some great shots and ideas that boost of being highly creative. The reverse sequence in the movie that depicts the flash back of Kamal and his wife, in the movie is still referenced by many makers. You can see the heart and arrow shapely written words in the poster. Should we say more than that.

Gaddam GangGaddam GangRajasekhar has made a big comeback to box office with a good film like PSV Garuda Vega. The movie is a good hit with Praveen Sattaru helming the thriller very well. In his previous film to this, Rajasekhar tried to attract audience with creative design as Gaddam Gang. Unfortunately, that strategy did not work out.

DhruvaDhruvaRam Charan’s back to success film, Dhruva in the direction of Surrender Reddy, used creativity to hint the story with 8 in the title design itself. Well, of you’re asking what 8 stands for then you haven’t watched the movie yet! Go, watch it.

Surya vs SuryaSurya vs SuryaThe most creative and effective title design that is apt for story. We can see in the first word Sun shining bright and in the second, hero fearing him. That’s great way to show the main conflict of the story to the audience and intrigue them.

Nannaku PremathoNannaku PremathoNannaku Prematho, starring Jr. NTR has the creative title design that does give away the story without saying too much. You can see the ECG line that denotes heart performance rate. In the movie, Abhiram, NTR’s character, talks to people in terms of heart beat of his father and that is shown beautifully in the title design.

SikinderSikindarTo show that Suriya is the Sikander among the gangsters and he has a Hawk eye, to watch over the crimesters, title is designed like a Hawk. Also, you can see bullets added to it, depicting the nature of the film.

AsuraAsuraNara Rohit’s critically acclaimed film has a title design that depicts the nature of the principal character without any doubt. It shows the bull horns and designed like a bull’s head to represent the hero character.

ISMISMISM, the movie made on the sanctity of Journalism and eradication of Black Money has a creative design to show the title. We can see all the words that end with ISM in the title like Humanism, Journalism, Heroism and many more.

KshanamKshanamIn the title design of Kshanam we can see Hyderabad, USA and an abandoned girl. So the hero comes from a foreign land to Hyderabad to search for the girl, has been depicted in just two Telugu letters.

ThupakiThupakiThalapathy Vijay’s Thupaki’s title is designed in a way that it resembles a gun ready to shoot a bullet. Clever depiction of the character of Vijay in the movie.

These are the ones we could remember and handpick in the time we had to research. Tell us if we missed any and let’s include them in a sequel post to this one, if possible.