Stars are minting money, what about others?

The coronavirus pandemic has turned out to be a massive crisis for everyone in general. However, the crisis is a lot worse for daily wage workers in any industry. This is the same case with the daily wage workers of the Telugu Film Industry, who are all out of jobs right now, because of the crisis. Just when things started to get a bit better for them this year, after the industry slowly started to open up, the second wave has managed to once again make matters worse.

Despite the severe crisis, Tollywood’s top actors and other actors are making profits and even minting money by signing new projects. The public feels that these top stars should start helping all the daily wage workers on a large scale and help them navigate through this crisis. On the other hand, the public feels that top stars should cut down on their paycheques as well, especially considering the current scenario, as the economy has taken a massive hit, and continuing to make films on a grand scale would result in heavy losses to them.

There are examples of many big films that haven’t made as much profit as expected due to the exuberant amount of money involved in the making of the film. One of the main reasons for this is the grand paycheque that top actors are taking, which constitutes half of the budget sometimes. According to popular opinion, cutting down on their paycheques and reducing the budget of the film, and increasing the salaries of others would result in better quality films and better culture in the industry.

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