Starry Love To Parents

Our Telugu Film Industry is blessed with stars who are demi gods to their respective fans. The fans always look up to them and admire the qualities they play on screen and try to learn from their off screen personality as well. Loving your parents is one thing that you can do for doing anything and everything for your benefit. Several stars do give out this important message indirectly through their respect towards their elders, especially parents. We all know the stars, now let us know the parents of these stars who are able command such respect!

Anjana DeviAnjana DeviProbably the most powerful mega parent of the Telugu Cinema ever. Her children became Megastar Chiranjeevi, Mega brother Naga Babu and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. All of them command great respect and following among the fans. However, huge they have become their respect towards their mother is highly visible in the way they respect elders and women.

Indira DeviIndira DeviWe know Superstar Krishna and his superson Mahesh Babu. But not many know about the mother of Mahesh Babu, Indira Devi. Mahesh gives a lot of credit to her and his grand mother for his upbringing and the way he behaves with elders shows the value he gives to his mother and respect imbibed in him through his growing years.

SivakumariSivakumariPrabhas doesn’t have to be introduced as the Darling of the masses. He is one and many know that his hard muscle exterior is hiding the sweet heart. But that genuinity comes from his parents and if you observe he chooses those scripts where lead values parents more than anything. His day never gets done without him speaking to his mother atleast once.

NirmalaNirmalaAllu Arjun values his mother for his success and hard work more than anyone. Even though he takes inspiration from his grand father and uncle, but his sheer hours of hard work is inspired by his mother’s words and he shares each and everything with her. He never try to do anything that hurts her.

Vijayendra PrasadVijayendra PrasadMay be the most influential story writer today but he is more proud father than anyone in the industry. The affection he gets from SS Rajamouli is one for the people to see and learn from. Rajamouli never shies away from showing his affection in public and the way he tied shoelace for his father in an audio function is just a simple example.

HariKrishnaHariKrishnaJunior Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao aka Tarak is known for giving respect to his elders. He has unlimited respect for the family he belongs to and never fell short of words expressing it. He expressed all his emotions in the film Nannaku Prematho and dedicated it to him in the audio function as well.

ChiranjeeviChiranjeeviMegastar Chiranjeevi is a great son but he is also a great father to Ram Charan Tej. The young actor is all about respecting his father and loving him unconditionally. He expressed his love by producing his father’s 150th movie and he also wants to do anything that his father wishes to and if anything hurts him even slightly, it is Ram Charan who reacts first.

Akkineni NagarjunaAkkineni NagarjunaNagarjuna as a son, gave a great tribute to his father in his last days with Manam. He us known in the industry as the best son and a man of values. His sons too display same qualities and when it comes to Akhil, he is the first best friend. Him trying to safe guard Akhil from any kind of negativity that is surrounding him as been exemplary.