SS Rajamouli to create a bio-bubble for RRR shooting?

England Cricket Team has come up with bio-bubble solution to resume playing International Cricket. Before them, local football clubs decided to introduce this new plan to curtail virus transmission. Recently, this bubble is created for conducting Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj wedding too. Bio-bubble is nothing but an area that is deemed secure for selected people to stay and the places they stay will be sanitised regularly and they will be given precautionary medicines, will be asked to stay isolated and medical staff will be ready to attend them at all times.

This will be easy to create for 50 to 60 people at a time but not 100s. It might cost dearly but not impossible to arrange for 70-80 technicians and 10 actors. SS Rajamouli and his team are thinking in that direction, say sources. As per them, the director is studying all the precautions they can take while creating this bio-bubble and he wants to ask his technicians & actors to move into those secure areas to self-quarantine for atleast 10 days and then resume RRR shooting.

If the team delays longer, then the release date will definitely go into the year 2022 with lots of VFX work to be completed by various studios across the globe. To finish the film and give producer DVV Danayya, a chance to release it wide in 2021, without further increasing the budget to unrecoverable highs, Rajamouli and his team are thinking about ways to resume shoot as soon as they can. Bio-bubble seems to be an interesting option to them, according to the reports. Currently, the director and his family have recovered fully from mild Covid infection and they are taking all precautions to keep the virus at bay, in isolation.

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