Sree Vishnu comes with another youth film!

Sree Vishnu tried his hand at regular commercial films and also films like Appatlo Okadundevadu. But the success has come his way with Mental Madilo as the film became a good critical and slightly better commercial success for the actor. Even though it could not be as career-defining as Arjun Reddy or Fidaa, the actor has earned some name among the young Telugu film lovers. His character in Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi did give him some positive feedback, even though he received great criticism as well.

Now, the actor is coming up with another film, where he is aiming at connecting with youth. In the new film, Needi Naadi Oke Katha, he is portraying a person, who cannot cope up with studies and not completely interested in it. This could be an ideal character for him to portray the varied emotions and frustration, an young man goes through unable to deliver on the expectations his parents have.

Also, the teaser showed that for the first time, he is taking on a more eccentric character than his breakthrough film, Prema-Ishq-Kadhal. He has a great friendship with Nara Rohit and the actor is presenting the movie as well. Venu Udugula is debuting with the film as the director. Also, the director of comedies like Blade Babji, Devi Prasad is making his acting debut with the film. Posani Krishna Murali, Satna Titus are playing other important roles.