Sooryavanshi Movie Review and Rating!

Amid high expectations and hope among the Bollywood circles, Akshay Kumar and director Rohit Shetty’s cop drama, Sooryavanshi has hit the screens today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Being fourth outing from director Rohit Shetty’s universe after two parts of Singham with Ajay Devgn and Simbaa with Ranveer Singh, Sooryavanshi deals with a powerful cop named Veer Sooryavanshi (Akshay Kumar). After the 1993 serial blasts and 2008 at The Taj Mahal Palace, the Mumbai police gets information that yet another blast is yet to happen in the city in the form of sleeper cells. To track the terrorist activities and stop the blasting attack, the police officials bring Sooryavanshi onboard. The rest of the story is about what kind of challenges will Sooryavanshi face in the hunt for terrorists.

Performances: Akshay Kumar is super fit and delivers a solid performance as a cop. His attitude and stylish screen presence bring a lot of depth to the proceedings.

Katrina Kaif as DCP Veer Sooryavanshi’s wife is in her family lady role. As both Akshay and Katrina Kaif acted together in a couple of hit films earlier, there is a default to track with their on-screen chemistry. But still, the sensual moves of Katrina in the iconic ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ remake are clap-worthy.

Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh’s smashing entry as Bajirao Singham and Sangram Bhalerao respectively in the pre-climax portion literally elevates the mood of the film in an effective manner.

Sikander Kher and Abimanyu Singh are decent in their roles as baddies. As the film is the showmanship of Akshay Kumar, it has a few noted actors in key roles and all of them gave a convincing performance.

Technicalities: The cinematography by Jomon T.John is stunning as he presented this larger-than-life drama with some amazing visuals.

Though the screenplay version provided by Yunus Sajawal has a few dull moments overall it’s alright.

While Tip Tip Barsa Paani heats up the screen, other songs are passable, background score by Amar Mohile sets a perfect tone for the movie. Editing by Bunty Nagi is slick.

Production design is superb and so is the case with the production values for this Dhamaka actioner.

Analysis: Director Rohit Shetty has presented the film and Veer Sooryavanshi character in an engaging way. Being a master in dealing with commercial entertainers, Rohit Shetty yet again proved his directional capabilities with Sooryavanshi. Though the film has a few over the top thrills, on a balancing note Rohit Shetty incorporated heavy dose of action part at regular intervals.

To summerize, Sooryavanshi is a perfect festival treat from Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty. The action part and heavy-duty star power set a perfect mood for the film. If you ignore a few dull moments and illogical scenes in the first half before the interval, Sooryavanshi ends up as a watchable flick.

Verdict: Dhamaka Entertainer!

Rating: 3/5