Sonu Sood’s Charity: Real or Fake?

Sonu Sood is a very popular actor all over India, and one of Tollywood’s go-to villains. He became the most popular person last year when he started helping out people in need. He even released a book called “I Am No Messiah”, in which he writes about the reason behind his drive to help those in need, and why he doesn’t want to be known as the saviour of people.

This year, Sonu Sood has constantly been in news, for helping out numerous people suffering from coronavirus, all over the country. He even established a foundation of his own, called the Sood Foundation, to which a lot of people are donating, as part of their service to the nation. Sonu Sood even started an initiative which helps conduct coronavirus tests for people at their homes, without having to pay a single penny. While Sonu Sood continues to help so many people, there are numerous websites and individuals who are calling out Sonu Sood, saying that whatever he’s up to is a big scam, and that none of it is real.

Many people have taken to Twitter and have exposed Sonu Sood, at least in their view. Several of these people have even attached proofs of Sonu being a scamster, by providing pictures of where Sonu can be seen responding to fake accounts on Twitter, and proclaiming that those people have been helped. Twitter users are asking how Sonu is able to respond to certain posts within just minutes of that Tweet, and especially when there’s no tag related to him either? They are asking how he is able to help those many people within a matter of minutes, without any delays? Certain people have even taken to Instagram and provided a detailed explanation of why they think Sonu Sood’s help is a bunch of lies, rather than reality.

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