Songs In Tollywood That Truly Define The Greatness Of Friendship

Friendship is a great feeling one can only define with experience. It is probably the only relation that shares great bonding without any relation. Tollywood has explored Friendship to the fullest. But it is a deep ocean which has something new to learn every day.

Let us have a look at the beautiful and meaningful songs in Telugu Cinema that has celebrated Friendship Day to the fullest.

  • Nava Vasantham: Friendship e Teeyani

Nava Vasantham is a film that has its core point as Friendship. It showcases what one can achieve if a true friend stands by our side. This song, in particular, defines the greatness of Friendship in a very cheerful way. Tarun’s sacrifice to make his three friends’ lives better is an inspiration to many.

  • Bhagareedha: Prapanchame Kaadanna

A true friend is one who is always there to offer his shoulder no matter what the circumstances are. Enjoy the song from Bhagareetha here.

  • Snehitudu: Mana Friend Alle Inkevaduntadu

Missing our dear friend is a very painful feeling. That pain is described in a very subtle way in this song which mainly focuses on how a good friend can influence our lives. In this movie, Vijay’s friendship influences the lives of Jeeva and Srikanth in the best way.

  • Husharu: Friendship

If a true friend stands by your side, then you can achieve wonders. If you don’t believe that then listen to this song which celebrates friendship in a very funky way.

  • Student No 1: Ekkado Putti Ekkado Perigi

Friendship is not only about learning but it also includes all the mischiefs we do together in this world. Listen to this song to reminiscence all the mischiefs you have done in your college life.


  • Pelli Pandiri: Dosth Mera Dosth

A true friend lives the same life as ours. They are of one life living in two separate bodies. Don’t you agree? Well, listen to this song and you can’t agree more.

  • Dalapathi: Singaarala Pairullona

What is the meaning of celebrating friendship in true style? There might be no better song in Telugu cinema than this song. Living for each other can be seen in this song. “Naa mitrudu pette tindi ne tintunna ee vela.. tana maate naaku vedam anta ae vela” sums up the bonding they share.


  • Oh My Friend: Oh Oh My Friend

Little cute fights are part and parcel of friendship. What do you do when your friend is angry at You? Oh My Friend is a film that is based on boy-girl friendship that is completely misunderstood by our society.

  • Pelli Pandiri: Nesthama Iddari Lokam

Friendship doesn’t see any disabilities between them. “Nestama Iddari Lokam Okate Levamma Anduke Naa Kannulato Lokam Chudamma” This line sums up what true friendship really is.

  • Nee Sneham: Kontha Kaalam Kindata

This song in particular explains what it is to live for each other. Only the bodies are different but everything is the same for two friends. Nee Sneham is a film that showcases why in true friendship sacrifice is not a big thing.

  • Vunnadi Okate Zindagi: Trendu Maarina

Right from our childhood to adultness a lot of changes incur in our lives but friendship is the only thing that doesn’t change. Our way of greeting each other might change, our way of spending days might change but friendship is one and the same. This song Trend Maarina just resembles this fact. Dive into this peppy number and recall your innocent friendship days.

  • Prema Desham: Mustafa Mustafa

It is one of the most iconic songs in Telugu cinema. Watch this song and definitely tears of joy will roll out from your eyes. Describing a friend and friendship can’t be better than this. Everyone can relate them to Abbas and Vineeth in this song.

  • Maharshi: Choti Choti Baatein

“Nee Kashtam Tanadanukuntu.. Nee Kalale Tanaviga Kantu.. Nee Gelupuni Maatram Neeke Vadilestooo” What better way to explain the true meaning of friendship. Supporting each other is an unwritten rule in friendship and enjoying each other’s success is an integral part of it.

  • Sneham Kosam: Meesamunna Nestama

Does friendship see the difference in status? Does it flourish between two financially equal people? Sneham Kosam is a beautifully crafted movie of living for one another and not living without each other. Meesamunna Nesthama is a song in which it says everything is a beautiful memory in one’s friendship. The chemistry between Chiranjeevi and Vijay Kumar in this movie is lit.

  • Happy Days: O My Friend

Friendship can be described in many ways and O My Friend song in Happy Days is the most subtle way one can describe. Vanamali’s beautiful and meaningful lyrics gel well with Karthik’s magical voice in this song. The movie itself is a celebration of friendship. This generation is blessed to have such a warmth movie on friendship. All thanks to Sekhar Kammula.

  • Kirrak Party: Dum Dare

College life is the best phase in everyone’s career. Dum Dare song from kirrak Party showcases the way mischievous things are done by youngsters and why friendship is the best thing that happens in one’s life. Nikhil and his gang’s mischief in this song is a treat to watch out for.


  •  Kerintha: Kerintha

Do two friends ought to have similar tastes? Absolutely no. People with different tastes can make a good friendship pair. If you don’t believe these words. Kerintha is the joyous cry of friendship. The film also teaches us that friendship will actually help us in the right direction to move forward.

  • Iddaru Mitrulu: Bangaram Techi

If a friend doesn’t support you in tough times then it definitely is not a friendship. Watch Iddaru Mitrulu movie to understand how a true friend stands for his friend in tough situations. Bangaram Techi song is an emotionally driven one where a friend gives his shoulder when it is absolutely needed.

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