Software Sudheer

Sudigali Sudheer has now become a hero after doing comedy roles. His debut film, Software is out and read on to see how it turns out to be

Story : Chandu (Sudigali Sudheer) is a software employee who is a happy-go-lucky guy who wants to marry his colleague Swathi (Dhanya Balakrishna). But unfortunately, they come to know about Chandu’s horoscope which says that there is a danger to Chandu’s life. When Chandu tries to fix all this through a special pooja, he gets involved in a 1000Cr scam. What is this scam and how did he come out of it is the crux of the film.

Performances : Sudheer impresses with his acting and dancing skills in the film. He proves with his first movie that he is a good artist and has in him to do a full film as a solo hero lead. His comic timing is also good. Dhanya Balakrishna is okay in her role but she gets good when her twist is revealed. She looked good in songs. Sayaji Shinde, Posani, Indraja do their parts well and have nothing much to do in the film.

Sudheer’s dances
First Half

Second Half
Over the top hype for the hero

Analysis : The first disappointment of the film is that there is no comedy. If you come in thinking that the film will have all of that then you will be disappointed in a big way. There is a good narration in the first half but the second half goes for a big letdown as Sudheer overacts to another level and starts irritating you.

If the director would have made things in a sensible manner, the film had in it to make some sense but he did not do that. Cinematography by C. Ram Prasad is very good. Director Rajasekhara Reddy has taken up a decent story but he fell for the prey of commercial cinema and made this film a bore-fest.

Rating: 1.5/5