Small film proves Tollywood audiences need more

Contemporary Tollywood audiences are a lot different than the audiences a couple of years ago. Star power, combinations, songs, none of those things matter as much as they used to previously, as audiences are more interested in quality content right now than in anything else.

There have been several star student films in recent times that turned out to be financial disappointments and small films that turned out to be major blockbusters, all due to the kind of content that they gave the audiences. This year has especially seen the rise of small films, with good content and quality. Uppena, Naandhi, Jaathiratnalu, Zombie Reddy are the best examples of the rise of small films with spectacular quality. Interestingly, a few of these films were not critically highly acclaimed, but they did well financially because ultimately, it’s the audience opinion that matters.

Now, yet another film is proving that quality is always more important than star power. The very recently release Ek Mini Katha is managing to attract everyone, with its bold concept. The film hasn’t been very well appreciated critically, but audiences are having a good time with the film. Ek Mini Katha marks the first time an Indian film si tackling the subject of male genital size, and the way the subject was dealt with, is giving audiences a wonderful time.

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