Slow pace of work is not purposeful: Allu Sirish

Actor Allu Sirish is pretty excited on her upcoming film American Born Confused Desi (ABCD) and looks confident on bagging a hit with this film. Directed by Sanjeev Reddy, a debutante, this film is an official remake of a Malayalam blockbuster with the same title. As a part of promotions, the actor spoke to the media and here is what he said.

So Sirish, are you purposefully working on a slow pace or is it just happening?

I don’t know why, but things are moving at a slow pace. I have tried to make things faster, but it didn’t happen. We wanted to release the film two months, but nothing was in place. The same was the case with Okka Kshanam too. I am working on making things faster, as I hope to release two films next year.

What do you think would have gone wrong with Okka Kshanam?

I think there were a lot of things which didn’t work in Okka Kshanam. There was a lag in some situations and few scenes haven’t grabbed the attention of the audiences. Even the month which we chose to release was not that great. In fact, after watching the first copy of the film, I somehow felt that it would not work.


Why have you chosen ABCD to be remade in Telugu? Did Charan suggest you to?

It was definitely not my choice. Sanjiv came to me with a script and did not like it because I felt I cannot fit into the role. So I said no and he asked about the remake of one film and I wasn’t interested in that too. That’s when he asked me whether I watched ABCD and I actually did. SO we thought of remaking it. Charan just said that this film and the role would suit me. Even Varun did. That was much before Sanjiv even approached me.

We heard that many other directors are also associated with this film? Can you tell us how?

Yeah. I and Sanjiv have taken the script to some good friends like BVS Ravi, Krishna Chaitanya and others in the industry who are directors. Sanjiv took it to Sathyanand garu also. We asked them to go through it and they have suggested some changes to make the script better. So that is how they all are associated with this film.


Does not having any films in kitty bother you?

No. I am not bothered on the number of films I have, either in my kitty or ready to release. I am not in a hurry and would want to do films only which I am confident about. I know I am working on a slower pace, but I don’t wasn’t to make mistakes in a hurry.

It’s obvious that you would be compared to your cousins. Does it affect you?

I don’t care about it at all, because I have a clarity on what I can do, and what I want to do. It is sure that people would have expectations when actors come from the ‘mega clan’.


What’s next after ABCD?

I have given a nod to a love story, which is my favourite genre. I can’t reveal the details but. I am waiting for the right time to announce it. There is one more on which I am working and it is yet to be finalised.