Skylab Movie Review and Rating!

Actor Satya Dev and actress Nithya Menen’s rural drama, Skylab has created curiosity among the audience with the promos. Co-starring Rahul Ramakrishna in a key role, the film is out for public viewing today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Set in the 1979 time zone, the news of the Skylab crash creates a panic atmosphere at a remote village named Bandalingampally in Karimnagar district. Where is Skylab coming from? Is there any truth behind the Skylab falls in the village? How is the incident interconnected with the lives of a doctor, a jobless Subedar and an ambitious journalist from the same village? Forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Nithya Menen, Satya Dev and Rahul Ramakrishna play the lead roles in this rural drama and their performance adds good weightage to the proceedings.

While Satya Dev and Rahul Ramakrishna are perfectly fitted in their respective roles, Nithya Menen did her part in a convincing manner in the character which was not designed in a proper manner.

Senior actor Tanikella Bharani is okay in his extended cameo character as Satya Dev’s grandfather. Other artists who were seen in the supporting roles are okay in their village characters.

Technicalities: The music by Prashanth Vihari is good as he tried to elevate all the key scenes with his background score. The film has one or two situational songs which are interlinked with the proceedings nicely.

The cinematography work by Aditya is a major plus point for the film as he tried to present the entire film with nice framing by showcasing the rural texture nicely.

Production values, Artwork and set design are apt for the premise created for the film.

Analysis: Debutant Vishvak Khanderao’s idea of exploring the 90s real-life incident based on Skylab is appreciatable. But his narration lacks impactful scene order and gripping presentation.

Though a few situational comedy scenes involving Satya Dev and Rahul Ramakrishna evokes good laughs, the pain and struggle in their lives have not been showcased in a proper manner. Adding to it, flaws in Nitya Menen’s character comes as a demerit for the film.

To summerize, Skylab is a slow-paced rural drama that prominently revolves around the lives of a license cancelled doctor, a subedar and a jobless journalist for Bandalingampally village. Though the artists’ performance and a few comic episodes are good, the lack of gripping presentation stands tall as the demerit for the movie.

Verdict: Has complications with the presentation!

Rating: 2.5/5

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