Six glorious years of Baahubali!

When director SS Rajamouli announced the Baahubali franchise, no one had any idea what the film was about, and how it would turn out to be. All everyone knew was that Prabhas was the lead of the film. Baahubali started out as a single film but ended up being a two-part, epic adventure. Prabhas, in an unexpected turn of events, gave away five years of his life to the franchise and is now reaping the success of the seeds he sowed back then, in the form of his efforts and hard work.

The Baahubali franchise was made with the biggest budget that Indian cinema had ever seen, back then, and it was a huge gamble and risk that the producers of the film took, with no idea whether the film would make back its budget, in the least. The entire team of Baahbulai went all out to market the film all over India and make sure that it appeals to the Indian audiences on the whole.

Baahubali: The Beginning, released on 10th July 2015, and celebrates 6 years of its release today. The film market the beginning of a revolution in Indian cinema, one that is going on till today. Tollywood has never been the same after the release of Baahubali, and Indian cinema has not been the same either.

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