Sithara showcases her dancing talents

Sithara Ghattamaneni is one of the few young star kids who is happy to show her talent on Instagram. Even though she is daughter of Mahesh Babu and Namrata, she wants to build a following for her on social media.

She keeps posting videos with her friends and her parents. Mahesh and Namrata too, don’t shy away from sharing her videos. Fans of Mahesh Babu adore her and she could grow up into an actor like her mother.

We can say that because she showed her dance moves to us in this video and she has been presenting her acting skills too in her previous videos. She looks very natural in front of the camera and confident too.

Her father, Mahesh Babu too started acting at a very young age and then took a break to re-join films as a lead. She may want to become an influencer or actor in future, if she keeps going like this.

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