Singer Sunitha condemns rumours on Bigg Boss

Singer Sunitha Upadarstha had to go through Covid-19 viral infection and then after recovery, she had to face rumours about her joining the Bigg Boss Season 4. Most of the people who face rumours about their candidature stay silent to avoid any attention. Sunitha did not respond to any from the starting day and many thought she will be seen in the house this season. But she finally stated that she has no intentions join Bigg Boss show ever.

She made it clear that she doesn’t appreciate the format and she has no inkling towards joining the show for any remuneration or attention. She said that she likes her daily routine and she wants to be around her kids more often, than staying away from them. She also said that she doesn’t want to put herself on the parade with cameras 24 hours. Well, she might take up other shows but not reality shows, stated the singer who has fan following for her beauty as well.

Show telecast will start from 6th September with Nag in different avatars introducing fresh contestants. This season will be very different to anything we have witnessed earlier, say show related sources.

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