Shyam Singha Roy decides to create Old Kolkata in Hyd!

Shyam Singha Roy team wanted to start shooting ideally from August, in the normal circumstances. But the pandemic has forced them to look at postponing the starting date. Natural Star Nani has to complete Tuck Jagadish before he can shoot for SSR. Taxiwaala director Rahul Sankritiyan is writing and directing the film. Soon, he wants to start shooting but Nani dates are available only from December end or January.

In the meantime, the team scouted for locations in Kolkata and places near the city. But as the cases in the city have been rising and as they cannot shoot there, the team decided to create old Kolkata in Hyderabad itself. Producers have given permission to go for extra budget in order to build the sets. Movie shoot will start in Hyderabad and for patch work will go to Kolkata post pandemic.

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